TEN Resolutions is a very special and important event in our calendar.  With the end of the year fast approaching, that strange chaotic time when we’re all chasing our tails, the most organised and motivated entrepreneurs will be planning ahead and thinking about how they can maximise on opportunities while the rest of the world are trying to get going once the New Year arrives.  But let’s be honest for a second, entrepreneurs aren’t often known for being organised, and many of us will miss out on what can be a very exciting and successful time of year.

Well, we said we’re here to help right, and the TEN Resolutions event will do just that.  At this event we’ll hear first-hand from incredible business minds how they prepare themselves for the coming year, and ensure that they are well positioned to pick up exactly where they left off while they were eating their Christmas Turkey. Some simple planning and forward thinking can really give your New Year ventures an all- important kick-start, and like many things, it’s the simple ideas that are often the best.

Why ‘TEN Resolutions’ I hear you ask. Well, not only is TEN a touch easier to say than ‘The Entrepreneur Network’, but its also a nice round number too, so we thought we’d bring you 10 solid ideas about what you can do to help fire yourself, and your business up in 2017.  Oh, and of course it’ll be an early chance to spread a little pre-Christmas cheer for the die-hard’s among us.

Note – Unlike other business networks we don’t charge for our events. We want everyone to have the chance to benefit from our community, and don’t believe in denying anyone that opportunity.  Please only reserve a ticket if you fully expect to attend the event.  We appreciate that planning ahead can be tricky, and we ask that you contact us at connect@theentrepreneurnetwork.co.uk if you are no longer able to make it.