Too many mince pies?  Too much Bucks fizz?  We’re also guilty as charged, so we promise not to have any mince pies at this event.  Instead, we’ll be helping you to review how well you’ve started your year based on the TEN Resolutions you had in place following the last event.  And as usual, we promise to bring you a handful of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and even celebrities who will talk through their experiences and provide invaluable insights into their own planning and review processes.

Planning ahead, and looking at your business plans strategically, is a vitally important part tool in the successful entrepreneurs tool kit.  The truth however, is that many entrepreneurs don’t understand how to plan effectively, and many will fail as a result of becoming too caught up in the day-to-day without thinking ahead.  Building a plan for the future, and setting out goals and timescales, really can be the difference between failure and success, so we will discuss simple methods that the very best use to help them keep their business moving in the right direction.
  Just as importantly though, and something which many fail to do altogether, is reviewing progress against plans and goals.  If you don’t do this, how can you really know if you’re succeeding or not? And no, being busy really IS NOT a measure of success.

So, planning AND reviewing.  Two vital tools that can be used to significantly improve your business.  We’ll hear from some of the best, then have the chance to network and meet like-minded people to share ideas, update each other on how our business plans are progressing, and just enjoy the good company of the people around us. What’s not to like?

Note – Unlike other business networks we don’t charge for our events. We want everyone to have the chance to benefit from our community, and don’t believe in denying anyone that opportunity.  Please only reserve a ticket if you fully expect to attend the event.  We appreciate that planning ahead can be tricky, and we ask that you contact us at if you are no longer able to make it.