TEN is very excited to be taking our New Zealand collaboration to the NEXT LEVEL.  And why not, it’s almost 2017, and collaborating on a global scale really is childs play now.


Melissa Withers, TEN Ambassador – New Zealand, has had an astonishing year of change, and has really supercharged her work towards achieving her ambitions.  She is a truly inspirational woman, and because of her astonishing growth mindset her world has changed dramatically this year  This week she will even be launching her first book no less!  WOW!  More details on that to follow.

This week, ahead of the xmas chaos, Melissa has made a massive move and has resigned from her full time marketing role.  Here’s what she had to say…

It’s totally official, I’ve resigned from my full-time marketing role to take my coaching and mentoring business seriously GLOBAL!!! Excitement overload! 

As much as I LOVE my job, my passion is totally centred around helping OTHER people achieve what it is they want from their lives, helping build online businesses and personal brands, and having huge amounts of fun at the same time.

I have some INCREDIBLE international business ventures and collaborations setup for next year, as well as a massive year of ADVENTURE. If you’re going to be around any of these countries and you’re keen to collaborate, create epic shit, eat amazing food, drink, catch up, change the WORLD, partner up, dance in the rain, WHATEVER, then hit me up. This is going to be fun. Bring on 2017.

February – Bali
March – Australia
April – Asia/Thailand/UAE
May – UK
June- Europe/Scandanavia/Iceland
July – Alaska/Canada
August – USA
September – Mexico/Central and South America
October – South Africa

ALSO – if you know of amazing things I should do, people I should hang out with, family members who would love to be tour guides, places I should go, let me know. 2017 is the year of international collaborations and adventures.  Bring it!”

I don’t know about anyone else but this girls energy and motivation is damn infectious.  The team at TEN are super excited to work with Melissa in 2017, and let me tell you guys, we have something HUGE lined up!

Global Entrepreneurs Forum in London anyone!

Stay tuned.