About Chris Thorne

With a corporate career spanning almost 16 years, Chris made his move to become an entrepreneur at the age of 32, a decision that took almost 3 years to arrive at.

Melissa Withers – Global Collaboration

TEN is very excited to be taking our New Zealand collaboration to the NEXT LEVEL.  And why not, it's almost 2017, and collaborating on a global scale really is childs play now. BY CHRIS THORNE Melissa Withers, TEN Ambassador - New Zealand, has had an astonishing year of change, and has really supercharged her [...]

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It’s Womens Entrepreneurship Day!

The 19th November marks the international 'WED' or 'Womens Entrepreneurship Day'.  CELEBRATING, EMPOWERING, and SUPPORTING women in business. BY CHRIS THORNE Although the social media campaign for 'WED' is due to take place on the 30th November, the team at TEN wanted to be sure to celebrate this important date in the entrepreneurial calender, [...]

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No Need for a Trade off

USA-based Akil Stokes started out working long hours in three jobs during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Now he’s a successful property investor and mentor for traders all over the world who is able to fit his life around his young son. BY ELISSA ROSE Tell us a little about your [...]

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Manifesting dreams into reality!

If the last few days have taught me anything, it is that there are literally business opportunities everywhere. I’ve made a very conscious decision recently to live a life full of intention, to do things with purpose and to drive myself with passion. And you know what? It’s working out pretty damn good so far. [...]

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TEN was live… catchup here.

In case you missed it, here's the recording of the live 10 with TEN at 10.... past 7!  Just 2 of the 3 directors this evening, and we're just getting into the flow, but hopefully this gives you a little insight as to what's coming soon.  Stay tuned peeps. BY CHRIS THORNE [...]

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10 minutes with TEN, at 19:10. Every Sunday!

Due to popular demand, most likely to see us fumble around with the camera once more, we'll be going live for 10 minutes at 19:10... every Sunday evening.  It'll be fun, it may be unpredictable, but it will certainly be informative.  Put it in the diary, its only 10 minutes after all. BY CHRIS THORNE [...]

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News Flash! Grant DeBacher interviewed by TEN

Well we've had a really exciting evening interviewing Grant DeBacher; personal trainer to the stars, and famously recognised for being the PT that beasted Craig David into astonishing shape.  A full podcast of the interview will be online soon... you really DON'T want to miss it BY CHRIS THORNE [...]

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I can’t do it… YES I CAN! – Part 3

In part 2 of this blog I discussed the underlying fear that stems from the belief, often subconscious, that we simply 'can't handle it'.  It is partly our nature to crave consistency and stick within the realms of what we know, and when coupled with the daily external influences of life telling us to 'play [...]

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It’s here! Guest blogging has come to TEN

You asked for it.  We delivered.  Following the incredible growth of our community, and after numerous requests we are super excited to let you know that you can now blog straight to the TEN website once you have joined as a TEN member or TEN Ambassador.  Let the blogging begin. BY CHRIS THORNE From [...]

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New TEN Ambassador – Zaneta Tomanova

The team at TEN are excited to welcome Zaneta Tomanova as the latest member to our growing Ambassador program.  After attending our recent event on the 29th September Zaneta left feeling inspired, motivated and keen to engage more regularly with TEN. BY CHRIS THORNE In a nutshell, this connection represents everything that the TEN [...]

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